QuoteFab is a simple yet powerful costings calculator that all but eliminates labor intensive quotation tasks such as cleaning customer drawings and calculating number of pierces. As it does not rely on databases or clunky back-end systems, installing QuoteFab is a breeze ... with absolute minimal disruption to your business. QuoteFab is low maintenance, high impact software that is designed to play happily alongside your existing quotation procedures with a minimum of fuss.

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Familiar user interface gives you just what you need for calculating your costs!
User interface designed for costing

Automatic cleaning of DXF/DWG Files
Cleaning of Drawings

Cut distance and number of pierces calculated automatically
Automatically determines cut distance and number of pierces

Automatic nesting to identify material requirements
Calculating material requirements

Export cleaned parts to cad files to enable fast nesting by production
Exporting Cleaned Cad Files

Export fully nested layouts as DXF/DWG
Export full nesting layouts

Generate reports to aid production
Generate reports for production

Copy and paste data to and from Excel or other programs
Copy and paste to and from QuoteFab from Excel

Integrates with MRP systems via customizable CSV formats
Customize CSV formats for MRP integration

Save QuoteFab projects for review and report generation when quote is won
Save and load full QuoteFab projects

Click here to download the free 7-day unlimited trial